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You’ll discover that our passion is to provide a place where people can find a life-changing experience with “Loving God and Loving People”. Here you will find out lots about our church, latest sermons, information and events.

We meet every Sunday in-person and online at 10 AM.
We'd love to get to know you!


Our services

Linden Alliance Church (LAC) is a body of believers on a journey and would love to welcome you to our worship services every Sunday at 10:00 am.

Who comes?

People just like you! We are here to help people from across Kneehill County (and beyond). Our backgrounds are from all walks of life, families, singles, single parents, youth, kids, seniors, Canadians and New Canadians from various countries of our world. Many people who have been wounded & hurt are finding hope for a better future and a place to connect with people who accept them. Together we seek God – some with lots of knowledge of Him and others with little or none. So come! Check us out and see if we might be a place for you to land & grow in who you were called to be.

What can I expect on Sunday?

Expect to get a great cup of coffee if you get there early! Our service is usually about 60 minutes with lots going on so it seems to go fast. Kids are welcome for the first part and then will be dismissed – see “What about kids?” For more info. There is living engaging worship and a message from the Bible that is aimed at helping people navigate their daily life in a better way – with the help of God.

What we are all about?
"Loving God, Loving People"

LAC is about relationships. With others, family, friends, even acquaintances. We are all about learning to love people and love God. There is this deep innate sense to connect with others. As we understand how God views us – he helps us to get along with others. This is easier said than done. But as we look to Him, we find God helping us with the how to get along  with each other – even those that are hard to like.

Join with us as we learn together how to LOVE and be LOVED!
So how does that work?

How do we go about 'Loving God, Loving People'

We understand God has spoken to people in the past and He wants to continue to speak to us today. So we are all about learning how to know His voice. Part of that is figuring out what is keeping us from seeking and knowing Him deeper and allowing God to clear away those barriers that we have. It is also about allowing Him to fill us with whatever He wants that will make us the best possible version of us that we can be. Which is better than we even could imagine.

We are about helping you, your family, our community and world. We do that all together – everyone helping everyone.

How should I dress?

We are a rural church – so jeans is most often the clothes of choice among many who come. But if you feel comfortable with dress or tie – we are good with that as well!

We Can't Wait To See You!

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