About Us

Loving God, Loving People

Life is Hard. We Want to Help.
LAC is a place of practical faith.
Fostering connection & inclusion for everyone.

So how does that work?

We help people like you discover practical faith to thrive in all areas of life.

We are about helping you, your family, our community and world. We do that all together - Everyone helping Everyone.

Our History

On September 11, 1979, a meeting of 32 people was held at Dr. Elliott Community School with District Superintendent of the Western Canadian District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance with plans of establishing a new church in Linden. The Church began services that same month.

Various pastors served the church throughout its history. In the mid 1980’s, the church purchased portables buildings for meeting in but these soon become an obstacle as the church began to grow. In 1988, just a few years later they sold these portables and met for the next 5 years in the Linden Cultural Centre with the view of having its own building. During this time, the church discussed moving to Acme but in the end it was decided to find a permanent home in Linden. The location of a new church building was met with lots of challenges as various locations were viewed before their present location was decided upon in the early 1990’s.

The challenges were huge but by the middle of the 1990’s there came a renewed hope and a vision for a physical building as a solid group of believers gathered. Multiple staff were added and the church added a 2nd service on Sunday. Space became more of a premium which raised the question, “What does the church do?” After much prayer, it was decided to build onto the existing facility. And so the new addition was opened and dedicated in 2003. During this time Sunday attendance was pushing over 400 believers which was a huge number for a town as small as Linden. People drove from far and wide to come and worship together. God’s hand was on this body and people grew and God was doing a great thing.

As the next millennium continued, God began to prune His church and soon Linden Alliance community was without a pastor. Then God answered their cries and the church once again began to grow as he began to work in people’s lives. Steady growth has continued as LAC has grown together as a family, finding freedom, hope, healing and restoration in a deeper walk with Jesus.